Brad in San Jose says Bottoms Up Big Ben in this flattering review!

I ordered a bottle of Big Ben Premium 30ml from Poppers San Francisco, and I am so very happy I did. It certainly lived up to its name because it gave us a really BIG clock cleaning and fulfilled all of our wishes.  When we opened the bottle the first time it really got my juices flowing! Instantly I envisioned myself staring up from underneath Big Ben in awe craving a large helping of this English heritage to experience first hand. I looked at my buddy and it was botttoms up from that point froward and nothing but delight as well! 

I was leery at first ordering again online.  I had been scammed once and another time when I ordered from another company, I got stale products.  Well, Poppers San Francisco is way different.  I got the bottle of Big Ben Premium 30ml within days of placing my order and when I used it, I couldn’t have been happier.  I opened the package and immediately had a sigh of relief to see that these guys really go the extra mile to package the order for a safe delivery. This happiness only continued because I know all too well about the shipping industry and the damage that comes from careless employees. Naturally I was not admiring the packaging too long before my partner and I found ourselves cleaning away furiously with each other and working our muscles into a frenzy.  It was long-lasting so we lasted a long time working away pummeling all the dirt and grime into a distant memory, we had ourselfs a new favorite this one by Clock Cleaners they call Big Ben. 

Shipping was free because I ordered over $40, so that was a true savings in itself.  Plus the quickness in the way it arrived and wrapped so that the bottles remained safe inside was fantastic.  Poppers San Francisco is a company you can trust.  Their customer service is amazing and it was so easy to order online.  It only took minutes to order the products which gave us hours and hours of pleasure. 

Big Ben is now one of our favorite Clock Cleaner. And Poppers San Francisco came thru with the results we were desiring and it made our night worry-free and relaxing.  Nothing got in our way while working together to achieve the ultimate in performance; it smoothed out any of the kinks we might have encountered along the way and left us with a shine like no other.  It’s now one of my “must haves” for cleaning.  It takes you higher than a kite with pleasure that you are getting your enormous jobs done and done smoothly. 

I’d definitely recommend Big Ben Premium 30ml for when you want to work your pants and muscles off and get your messy jobs completed.  This product gives you the results you’re craving and even goes one step further to take you places you thought you could only dream of.  I know I felt like I was in a dream using it. 

Brad in San Jose