The Best Gay Getaway Destinations For Everyone

Photo by Quintin Gellar from Pexels

One of the perks of being in the LGBTQ community seems to be the rather large amount of disposable income singles and partners have. While nowadays more and more same-sex couples are taking advantage of their right to marry and start families of their own, a large portion still remains unburdened by the financial obligations that come with raising children. Since both partners tend to work, a dual income same-sex household is basically a cash cow for the travel industry in particular.

With the monotony that gay scene can become for anyone active in the community, a change of scene may be just what is needed to reenergize the body and reconnect with yourself or your partner.

Hectic work life, busy schedules, and limited days off can make it difficult to take the vacation you need and want, but, it is not impossible! There are plenty of gay and lesbian getaway spots that offer the style, atmosphere, and preferences you are looking for.

Whether you are single, partnered, or somewhere in between, these are the best destinations for a gay getaway!

The Destinations We All Know And Love (Or Would Love To Visit)

So many LGBTQ friendly havens exist on this planet. From San Francisco to Fire Island, many entrepreneurs have capitalized on the “pink dollar” and offer a variety of packages, specials, and deals for LGBTQ couples and singles to enjoy a vacation and spend their money!

Classic hotspots include Amsterdam, San Francisco, London, New York, and Rio De Janeiro. These hotspots can be affordable for any budget and are perfect for solo travelers that are looking to see what type of activities and opportunities exist in the vibrant and energetic LGBTQ communities that exist there.

Thrilling Gay Getaways!

If you are looking to get yourself out of the humdrum of everyday life for a bit but don't want to be stuck in a city that offers nothing to satisfy your party preferences and needs, these cities can be a welcome refuge for gays that have been bitten by the travel bug. Booking your own trip online is simple and easy since most travel companies have now devoted sections of their website exclusively to LGBTQ friendly getaways.

  • Seattle, WA - This lush paradise on the Pacific Northwest Coast of the USA is not just home to 90’s grunge music. It also exists as a mecca for gay travel. It’s vibrantly gay neighborhood of Capitol Hill boasts a variety of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, clothing shops, and theatres all dedicated to the LGBTQ community. With the city’s legendary music history, it doubles as a fantastic spot for those who want to take in a bit of history while dancing the night away with hot men, drag queens, and a whole lotta booze.

  • Chicago, IL - For the Midwest, no place is gayer than Boystown in Chicago! Featuring both nightly and monthly party events that are sure to satisfy even the most lustful desires, this city is a sure thing when it comes to being gay and meeting new people.

  • New York City, NY - The city that never sleeps is also the city that loves the gays! Even before Sex and the City, the gays loved New York for its wild Fire Island parties that have been going on for decades. This city is a haven for those looking to blow off steam and connect with other members of the gay community to do what they do best: laugh, love, and enjoy!

Gay Getaway And Chill

Maybe you want something a bit calmer or something that helps keep you in the great shape that you have worked so hard to get and maintain. If a more relaxed gay getaway is what you are looking for then consider these options for relaxing the day away in comfort and style with your partner, friends, or Grindr hookup.

  • Salt Spring Island, Canada - For the artsy and outdoor gays looking for a relaxing gay getaway full of workshops, scenic views, amazing restaurants, and friendly locals, Salt Spring Island is a great spot to consider for your next gay getaway. This secluded gay getaway is easy to access since it is located right between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia.

  • Taos, NM - If you are looking for more of an active and outdoorsy type getaway, then Taos, NM, is probably just what you need to make feeling gay feel great! Located in the desert of the Southwestern USA, this city has been home to alternative and funky lifestyles for decades and is full of restaurants and accommodation that is open and accepting of all of their guests. With over 8 months of what would be considered summer weather anywhere else, it is always the right time to take a trip and see what gay Taos has to offer.

  • Salt Lake City, UT - While Salt Lake isn't not commonly known for their large gay community, the opposite is true of this activity packed city. With the growing amount of LGBTQ couples and singles resettling there, the community has grown and businesses have opened that cater to the many tastes of the gay community. While there are plenty of options for food, drink, and nightlife, that isn't the reason that Salt Lake City made it onto this list. In fact, one of this city’s largest events is the Gay Pride Festival and Elevation Utah, which is one of the largest gay ski weekends in the country.

Gay Getaway Travel Agents

If you know you need a gay getaway but don’t have the time (or the friends) to plan it, then you are in luck! There are a ton of dedicated LGBTQ travel agents that are ready and waiting to meet your needs!

Handling everything from booking accommodation and travel to organizing workshops and adventures, and even coordinating smaller details like meals and entertainment these LGBTQ travel agents will stop at nothing to get you the gay getaway you want and deserve!

  • Hoseasons - Offering gay-friendly vacation packages at holiday parks, camping sites, hotels, and cottages in the UK, this LGBTQ travel site is exactly what you need if your getaway involves some international realness.

  • My Gay Getaway - This website offers not only gay travel packages around the world, they also handle car rentals and organize tickets for events and concerts in and around your destination. They also keep a very up-to-date blog featuring upcoming LGBTQ events, parties, and activities.

The Gay Getaway Takeaway

No matter who you are traveling with or what you are looking to get into, there is a destination that will satisfy every need you have, gay or not.

The mainstream growth and acceptance of homosexuality is spreading far and wide. Even if you end up on a getaway not on this list, with a bit of internet research, you can find out what the local gay scene has to offer.

If you are unsure about whether your possible gay getaway destination will be safe and accepting of your lifestyle, there are plenty of websites that detail current laws and general attitude regarding those in the LGBTQ community.

A gay getaway is waiting for you! Get online and start booking now!