Clock Cleaners, not to be confused with amyl nitrate!

Poppers San Francisco is pleased to offer new for 2016 the Original Clock Cleaner © brand of cleaning solvents from Just don’t seem to have the stamina and strength to get that cleaning day stuff done? Your tools not working well? We at Poppers San Francisco have authentic premium cleaning solvents to add strength and vigor. Please don’t mistake these for those misnamed amyl nitrates that you are always hearing about! NitrAtes you say?

Poppers San Francisco, your exclusive online store for premium Solvent cleaners from

Clock Cleaners, not to be confused with amyl nitrate!

They are modern day re-creations of the old standby, designed to meet federal regulations implemented for unclear political and perhaps social reasons targeted at the primarily gay population using the products. Modern day users represent the broad spectrum of today’s society.

Yes. The truly uninformed have be calling popper cleaning solvents amyl nitrates for years. You know how you play “whistle down the line” and the story gets more botched by everyone who tells it. Well that is what happened to the original formulation of poppers around in the 70’s: amyl nitrite! Confusing the i for an a did it all.

The history is pretty clear. In the 70’s, the federal government banned Amyl Nitr-i-te and listed it as a “controlled substance” for a variety of specious and suspect reasons regarding using such products as inhalants. This was 3 years following a determination by the FDA that no controlling regulations were warranted and justified. Manufactures concocted new formulations with different compounds to develop popper cleaning solvents, including the cleaning solvents from That is why it is so important to not call them amyl nitrate, because they are not.

Poppers San Francisco is an exclusive partner to offer you multiple purchasing choices, either single bottles of solvents, and as economical combo packs. Each product is designed with strength and the stamina necessary to ease into the tightest orifices. Be advised, these newly formulated nitrites contain no amyl nitrites, nor the imposter amyl nitrate of days past!

Check out the selection and variety of cleaning solvents now available. Each product is described for its strength, longevity, and sometime for the aroma it packs. Your cleaning day tasks will take on a new vim and vitality as you get into those cleaning chores. Ideal for metals, leathers, ceramics and whatever surface needs a new luster. Size is no problem either. If you like them tight and compact, or big and bold, these new Clock Cleaner© brand Solvent Cleaners from Poppers San Francisco come in 10ml and 30ml loads. 

There are several fun combo packs that offer the new premium solvents, not amyl nitrates. These include the Fisticuffs 10ml, and the Fisticuffs Couples Therapy distinguishable by their red and white caps, and their unique scents and cleaning abilities. The full line of Clock Cleaner© brand solvents is also available in a convenient 8 pack! Each is proven to be a new, premium and strongly effective cleansing solvent with no after film. 

Poppers San Francisco is your reliable purveyor for the new 2016 line of Clock Cleaner© brand solvents. You get fast, courteous shipping and fair pricing on all your orders. Plus, you get authentic solvent cleaners with that modern day gusto, not amyl nitrates or any other imitator.