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In a rush to clean that clock? Excited to get the job done, so you can spend your time doing better things like connecting with your significant other? Then get in touch with Poppers San Francisco today!


High Standards and Great Customer Service. What Is PWD and Who Is Clock Cleaners?

If you landed here, it’s because you want the best in customer service and care. You know Poppers San Francisco delivers fast and always treats you right. We’ve got every kind of solvent for your clock cleaning needs: Clock Cleaners PWD Rush, Jungle Juice, and Liquid Aroma are all made to our high standards of safety and cleanliness.

Those in the know that need to get the job done right know that Clock Cleaners Premium Solvent Cleaners from is top-of-the-line. After trying the shoddy brands or being given awful service by local shops and other online retailers, our customers keep coming back for more. They know we offer the real deal with no added chemicals that would dilute the potency of our premium solvents.


What Is PWD and Who Is Clock Cleaners? 

PWD or Pacific West Distributing is the manufacturer for the most iconic brands on the market today! The return of PWD Rush brands such as Hard Ware Poppers, Bolt, Iron Horse, Quick Silver, Rush Poppers and Super Rush Poppers returned in 2014.

Clock Cleaners is one of the most recognized brands of premium nitrite solvents on the market today. Their new hologram top logo assures that you’re getting only the best from a brand you can trust. Unlike other distributors, they stand 100% behind their product and respond to every inquiry. Just check out the reviews to see what satisfied customers are saying.


Why Choose Us?

Procuring premium nitrites in San Francisco can be hard! At PoppersSanFrancisco.com our motto is premium and premium only! The moment you arrive at our online store begins a level of service that goes unmatched by our competition. We invest a tremendous amount of resources into maintaining a user-friendly website and customer care all the way to your door. Your order will usually arrive in 3 days or less.

We also offer live chat for customer service and live tracking so our customers know the status of their order each and every step along the way. 

Poppers San Francisco is the haven for scam free products, breaking the grip of the shady dealers who have over run this market looking for a fast buck. We are here to stay and we take pride in what we do. We are your connection to quality solvent cleaners in the US!. When you buy from us you buy a guarantee for the very best!